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Lori O'Leary

Lori O'Leary

MA, LPC, LCADC, SAC, ACS Owner, President, CEO

Lori O’Leary has both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology with a concentration in Addictive Disorders. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She has a certification in substance abuse counseling for schools and is a Certified Clinical Supervisor for both Professional Counseling as well as Addictions Counseling. Lori began counseling in the late 1980s by running group therapy for patients with Post Concussion Syndrome under her father, a prominent Neuropsychiatrist. It was here where she conducted original research, which was later published.

She then worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor for children of alcoholics and addicts. Later she counseled adolescents in early recovery from substance use disorders and eating disorders. Lori also began writing curriculum for schools on substance abuse disorders. She later became a counselor at Kennedy Hospital’s inpatient detox program where she counseled adults from detox to discharge. Lori also did original research for addiction relapse and her work was published. She also started a program for Eating Disorders and the families of those individuals suffering from an eating disorder. From there Lori worked as a counselor for adults in an intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment facility when Lori was encouraged by her husband to start a private practice in order to implement her own ideas regarding addiction and eating disorders. In 2000 she did exactly that and began to build her own practice.

Over the next decade, Lori built her caseload, worked as a counselor for a local alternative high school and implemented her own style of counseling. She hired several clinicians who she supervised through their licensure process. Lori’s theoretical concepts to counseling for both general psychological issues, as well as addictive disorders, draw from several different approaches including Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic theories. Lori believes having many therapists with different specialties enables O’Leary Counseling, LLC to treat a wide variety of clients with a greater perspective. With a team style of counseling, the psychotherapists at O’Leary Counseling,LLC work together to provide their clients with the best care possible.

Lori places a great emphasis on identification of the problem beneath the symptoms such as depression, addiction, eating disorders, anger, etc. With improvement of self awareness, communication empathy, and a more in depth understanding of relationships, a journey through acceptance and forgiveness, creates a path of healing for individuals and their loved ones.
Lori and her husband Paul have built O’Leary Counseling, LLC to provide dignified care in a safe, nonjudgmental environment to help restore life and love to individuals and their families.

Lori's Programs

This group focuses on the physiological as well as the emotional stressors that impact eating disorders. Clients have the opportunity to discuss issues they are struggling with and to set personal goals

This group will assist people who have experienced a concussion but have not been able to find the way back to their pre-concussed self. Often people experience changes after a concussion that included headaches, sight changes, balance difficulty, irritability, depression, increased anxiety, increased OCD and inability to function at the level of pre-concussion.

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