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Family Counseling for Eating Disorders

Family Counseling

A family who has a child with an eating disorder may feel completely frustrated and ineffective in attempts to help their child. This can be particularly frightening as eating disorders can be deadly. Some of the typical accompanying symptoms of an eating disorder are denial, misrepresentation, and lying. This can cause a parent to feel as though they are constantly in the dark about how their child is doing. While there are no easy solutions to this disorder, and hospitalization may be required in some cases, parents are often left feeling lost and alone in how to deal with their child’s serious mental health problem. Education is a large part of this followed by an emotional understanding of the eating disorder and how it relates to the family dynamics. At O’Leary Counseling, we will assist your family in learning better communication skills, acceptance and stress reduction in order to become more effective in
dealing with this disorder.

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