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Addictions Counseling

Addictions counseling as an outpatient will be the most important part of treatment and those who continue counseling are better equipped to stay clean and sober. We have licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselors on staff who are experts in working with all types of addictions.

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Couples often suffer greatly when addiction is part of the relationship. The addict has options to get treatment to work on the addiction. Their partner doesn’t have an easy path for how to live with an addict or how to live with an addict in recovery.

Living with an addict can be so difficult, so painful, so debilitating, and so hopeless that life may feel like it is impossible to live. Loving an addict is sometimes torturous. However, it does not have to mean a loss of control of one’s own emotional wellbeing.

When there is addiction in the family, whether it be a parent or one of the children, the entire family is affected. There is nothing that prepares a parent to deal with a child who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, the internet, etc. When this happens, there is usually a break down in communication and parents feel disconnected from their child and the child works hard to keep that disconnect going.