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Couples Counseling for Addiction

Couples Counseling for Addiction

Couples often suffer greatly when addiction is part of the relationship. The addict has options to get treatment to work on the addiction. Their partner doesn’t have an easy path for how to live with an addict or how to live with an addict in recovery. When the addict seeks treatment, they are in a therapeutic environment 24/7 with counselors available for them to work with. The partner of the addict is left to try to make sense of the addiction, usually with no support from anyone else. They are not given instructions on how to carry on in the wake of someone’s addiction, or how to deal with all the resentments that have built up over the addiction. When the addict is released from treatment, they are equipped with many coping skills and a large support system, along with AA to go to daily. While partners can go to Alanon, it isn’t therapy and it doesn’t address the individual and their personal struggles.
Couples counseling for addictions will work with both partners to assist in clarifying how to live during and after an addiction has ravaged the relationship.

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