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Mental Health Counseling Groups

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This group is intended for adults 18 years and up who are struggling with anxiety and are in need of social support. The group is  educational at times, but it is primarily process oriented. Member are expected to discuss their personal struggles with anxiety and actively engage with one another in order to benefit.

This group will assist people who have experienced a concussion but have not been able to find the way back to their pre-concussed self. Often people experience changes after a concussion that included headaches, sight changes, balance difficulty, irritability, depression, increased anxiety, increased OCD and inability to function at the level of pre-concussion.

In this group, members process their emotions through creative outlets such as drawing, collaging, and painting. Through artistic expression and therapeutic processing, members can learn about how their emotions impact behaviors.

Mindfulness is an awareness of moment by moment thoughts, feelings, the environment around us and our sensations within us relative to our thoughts and feelings.

This group allows younger teens a guided peer discussion format to address the stresses of school, social and family life. It’s a great place to ask all those awkward questions in a same space as members increase social skills and decrease anxiety.

This group allows teens a guided peer discussion format to address the stresses of school, social and family life while processing personal emotional distress in a safe environment.

This is a process group as opposed to a support group. The difference is that emotions will be processed and worked through. We have the tendency to get stuck while experiencing grief which causes us to have longer periods of deeply sad feelings. This group is designed to help people find where they are stuck and actively work through that area so grief processing can continue through its natural phases.

This group for adolescents experiencing anxiety runs in sections. The objectives for this group are to better understand anxiety and its triggers, how it impacts one’s life and how to cope with better tools. In section 1 the members will discuss their anxiety features and begin to learn effective coping skills through group activities.

This group is an open discussion support group for trauma survivors at any phase of the healing process. Topics will vary week to week and focus on the therapeutic process through the journey. This group meets weekly.

EmpowHer, a “sisters’ circle” is a place to share and listen to stories to empower women who have been, or continue to be, in either emotionally or physically abusive  relationships. In this group, women will gain awareness and insight to their role in the cycle they have played and learn to own their feelings and express themselves clearly so they don’t regress into the model of another abusive relationship.