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Addictions Counseling Groups

Beginning Soon

This group is for anyone in the first 3 months of their recovery journey to assist them with finding the root of their addiction. This can be utilized with individual and family sessions to round out an intensive outpatient program or be the next step in their recovery process.

This group is for those who are involved in a relationship with addicts/alcoholics. Having a relationship with an addict/alcoholic can be frustrating, heart breaking, and debilitating. It can be the most difficult life experience in which love, and despair are experienced simultaneously.

Group Addictions Counseling

An Eating Disorder, like other anxiety based disorders, can be as unique as the individual who has it. Many eating disorders are the result of early trauma that was not dealt with in a healthy manner. Individual counseling for those with eating disorders, such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia or Overeating/ Binge Eating, can help uncover the roots of the disordered eating and launch the journey to developing self-esteem. As the processing continues, adding group counseling to the treatment plan will promote the practice of healthy coping skills and facilitate identity development while working with other individuals who are experiencing the same eating disorder.