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Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Oleary Counseling

As we grow, we watch our caregivers and older siblings to learn how to handle conflict, stress, anger, sadness, as well as joy, accomplishment, pride and love. Some of what we learn is healthy and some is not. The unhealthy ways we learn to cope with emotions inevitably causes problems in our own lives. Counselors are trained to help people to become aware of how they use unhealthy coping skills and offer healthy, more effective strategies to assist in better management of emotions. Your counselor at O’Leary Counseling, LLC will work with you in a safe, non-judgmental environment to learn where your unhealthy coping mechanisms are interfering with your happiness. You will have the opportunity to work on taking control of your emotions resulting in having control over your life. We will guide you on your journey to recovering your best “self.”


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Arrange An Intake Interview

An intake interview is your first appointment with a therapist. During this initial appointment, the counselor will ask various questions to make or come closer to a diagnosis and to create a personalized treatment plan. The initial meeting is also your time to ask your therapist questions. All of our intake interviews are arranged in advance and by appointment only. Please call or use our form to schedule.

Treatment Options

Mental Health Counseling

Individual Counseling

Counseling begins with you and your therapist working on setting goals with treatment planning. You and your therapist will discuss what you are interested in accomplishing by coming to counseling and your therapist will design a plan specific to your needs. The process begins with developing a relationship that is safe, trusting, and non-judgmental in which you will work toward uncovering feelings and thoughts that have brought you to your current emotional state. You will learn about taking control over your thoughts and feelings so you may learn better ways to choose how you want in your life journey. And remember, unlearning old thought processes is extremely difficult. It takes time and requires a commitment from you to be effective. The more willing and open you are to the process, the more likely you will achieve your goals.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling assists in bringing a balance of power between those involved. We all want to be in control in a relationship and will inherently attempt to gain control in ways that were learned and perfected in our family of origin. While this works well in the beginning of a relationship, tactics for gaining control will likely be what causes the most conflict throughout the relationship. We change the way we communicate with our partner after the honeymoon period ends. We are no longer as open or willing to be as honest as we were in the beginning. Our therapists will help to uncover these control issues while helping you to discovering healthier, more effective ways of communicating and getting your needs met. This will include role-playing, homework challenges, and practicing honesty with each other in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Family Counseling

When a family is broken by various issues such as grief, addiction, poor communication, health issues, divorce, blending families, to name just a few, our therapists are here to assist you in finding and practicing solutions to any problem within your family. Breaking down the walls that we develop in the face of adversity is one of the major objectives in family counseling. We aren’t always equipped to handle the problems that arise in all families so it is important to address them instead of hiding from everything and hoping for the best. The best for all of us comes from insight, hard internal work, and willingness to try different techniques to tackle unsolved problems. Allow us to give you and your family the tools to create a more harmonious way of living that sets the stage for parents and children to love
and live life.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a logical next step from individual counseling. Process groups provide an arena for members to practice new, more effective communication skills, coping skills and listening skills. Members will learn how they relate and react to different personality types. Being in a small, working group will enable the members to do some of their best work on themselves as the group provides a pseudo family with a facilitator who will connect their thoughts and feelings with appropriate communication. This will also be effective in providing a safe place to explore intimate thoughts and emotions with those who are doing the same. When you are ready to heal, group counseling will be the right place for you.

Addictions Counseling

Addictions Counseling

Addictions counseling as an outpatient will be the most important part of treatment and those who continue counseling are better equipped to stay clean and sober. We have licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselors on staff who are experts in working with all types of addictions. We utilize a cognitive behavioral approach along with elements of the psychodynamic approach for a well-rounded method of treatment. Each person, who comes to our program, will work with their therapist to design and individualized treatment plan for their addictive disorder. Not all addiction is the same and at O’Leary Counseling, LLC, we take pride in being able to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for people who suffer from addictive disorders.

Loved ones of Addicted Individuals

Living with an addict can be so difficult, so painful, so debilitating, and so hopeless that life may feel like it is impossible to live. Loving an addict is sometimes torturous. However, it does not have to mean a loss of control of one’s own emotional wellbeing. We are in control of how we think and feel. We decide how to interpret the world around us and can therefore decide how to feel about things. It is very hard to change what we think but it is possible and if we can change what we think, we can change how we feel. However, the one thing you must learn as the loved one of an addict is, you cannot change an addict. Nothing you do or say or think or feel will ever change the addiction. This is precisely what we will assist those who love someone with an addiction to learn and live. This is not about self-help groups such as Alanon or Naranon. This is about learning how to change yourself in order to keep your
sanity and live your authentic life.

Group Addictions Counseling

Group addictions counseling is a therapeutic approach that involves bringing together individuals with similar struggles and challenges related to addiction in a supportive group setting. Led by a trained therapist or counselor, group counseling sessions provide a safe space for participants to share their experiences, learn from others, and develop coping skills to overcome addiction. The group dynamic allows for peer support, shared insights, and collective problem-solving. It promotes a sense of belonging, reduces feelings of isolation, and fosters personal growth and accountability. Group addictions counseling offers an opportunity for individuals to connect with others who understand their experiences, gain different perspectives, and receive support and feedback. It provides a platform for learning and practicing new skills, such as communication, stress management, and relapse prevention. By sharing successes, setbacks, and goals, participants build a sense of accountability and motivation. The group setting encourages individuals to develop increased self-awareness, empathy, and resilience, while also providing long-term support beyond the formal treatment program. Group addictions counseling is a cost-effective option that offers a range of benefits, including emotional support, personal growth, and the opportunity to develop a supportive network of peers in recovery.

Eating Disorders Counseling

Individual Counseling

An Eating Disorder, like other anxiety based disorders, can be as unique as the individual who has it. Many eating disorders are the result of early trauma that was not dealt with in a healthy manner. Individual counseling for those with eating disorders, such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia or Overeating/ Binge Eating, can help uncover the roots of the disordered eating and launch the journey to developing self-esteem. As the processing continues, adding group counseling to the treatment plan will promote the practice of healthy coping skills and facilitate identity development while working with other individuals who are experiencing the same eating disorder.

Along with Individual Counseling and Group Counseling, we introduce Family Counseling to help the entire family cope with the issues that have existed before and during the actual disordered eating. The addition of Family Counseling further assists the individual in gaining more effective communication skills they have already begun to practice in their group sessions. When the family communicates more appropriately, the individual is better able to individuate more successfully.

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