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Taylor Sansbury

Taylor Sansbury


I view therapy as being about individuals working to gain a stronger understanding of themselves by uncovering personal blind spots and thought patterns that serve to hinder and limit growth and change. I view the therapeutic relationship as the coming together of equals differing only in areas of expertise and strive to understand clients to make sure they feel they are being heard and genuinely supported.

It’s amazing how a few seemingly insignificant thoughts can really hold us back from reaching out potential! I use a person-centered approach that incorporates CBT and Motivational Interviewing to assist my clients in identifying and challenging negative beliefs and assumptions that make it difficult to create positive, lasing change.

Feeling stuck? You’re not alone, and taking the steps necessary to make positive, lasting changes can seem incredibly overwhelming and even scary. My top priority is creating a welcoming, supportive environment in which clients can feel comfortable opening up about the personal struggles they feel are keeping them from doing more with their lives.

Taylor's Programs

This is a process group as opposed to a support group. The difference is that emotions will be processed and worked through. We have the tendency to get stuck while experiencing grief which causes us to have longer periods of deeply sad feelings. This group is designed to help people find where they are stuck and actively work through that area so grief processing can continue through its natural phases.

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